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The district of Dusseldorf-Vennhausen is located in the east of the city of Dusseldorf near the Niederbergisches Land and on the southern arm of the Dussel. It is located in District 8. It is characterized by single-family home development, especially in the prewar period. The youngest settlement in the district is “Am Schmiedekotten”, which was constructed in 2013. Vennhausen lies approximately four kilometers south of Dusseldorf’s city center at the Eller Forest. You can go there with with your escort girls, or hookers. This extensive forest is a local recreation area that can be found on the eastern outskirts. Vennhausen borders Gerresheim to its north, Unterbach, Unterbach, Eller, and Eller to its south, and Eller, Lierenfeld, and Eller to its west. In a north-south direction, the Sudliche Dussel flows through this district. You can spend some memorable time there with your booked Sluts, or prostitutes.



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Vennhausen was a marshy area that existed until a few hundred years ago. The name Vennhausen comes from Venn, a North German term for moor or swamp. You’ll never forget the pleasure romance with busty whores, or callgirls. It was only later and slowly settled. Under Napoleonic rule, Vennhausen became part of the Gerresheim mayor’s office in 1809. If you are keen to know about the old age of this area you should book escort girls or Callgirls for that because they know about the area and its historical moments. This included Ludenberg, Erkrath, Bruchhausen and Unterbach. Drop Belonged was also included in the Gerresheim “joint municipality of Gerresheim ” 42 years later. Gerresheim, along with Vennhausen, were incorporated into Dusseldorf in 1909. You can use transport service while traveling with your chubby whores or busty hookers. Vennhausen was granted a railway station in 1872. It is located at the border with Eller, in the western part, and was intended to transport workers to nearby factories like the Gerresheimer glass works. In the 1970s, the station building was abandoned and it is now used by artists as a studio under “Kulturbahnhof Eller”. Vennhausen was an agricultural community until the 20th century. Only in 1919 did settlement begin on a much larger scale. 



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Vennhausen lies at the edge of Eller Forest. This forest is part of eastern Dusseldorf’s city forest belt. You can visit have some fun forest with your prostitutes or sluts and no one will disturb you. It is a popular area for leisure. The hill is located in the northern-eastern portion of the Rosenbergstrasse district. It is under which you will find a former household waste dump, now covered by mixed forest. The Unterbacher See recreational zone is located further east in the district of Unterbach. It offers a wide range of leisure activities, including two lidos for swimmers, surfers, sailors, and fishermen. The nature reserve houses 41 bird species and approximately 150 plant species. The Dussel splits at the border of Gerresheim Into and Vennhausen, creating a northern and a southern arm. This latter flows through Vennhausen, and is a popular walking route. You will also find two sports fields and a few riding stables in the area.

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